In January of this year I was at church and was taking off my coat while talking to some friends at and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my arm. We were joking around about something so as I’m laughing I’m telling them that my arm really hurts and then one of my friends sees my arm. I looked down and realized that in the middle of my arm there was a ball that wasn’t supposed to be there. Someone popped my arm back into the socket but it came out 2 times after that. I wore a sling for about 3 weeks and had to attend physical therapy. This situation reminds me of a when some people are sexually assaulted. They are doing things as normal i.e. on a date or walking down the street and then someone attacks them. They weren’t doing anything to make you think they should or even could happen. However, the sexual assault happens but just like i was the innocent victim in the coat situation they are the INNOCENT victims in the sexual assault. The doctors were baffled by my arm, they said that it was a freak accident that this happened. I will say that I’m more careful when doing anything where I have to stretch my arm out but it wasn’t my fault. Nothing that a victim can say or do makes them responsible for his or her own rape. No outfit, flirty behavior, or attitude of a victim should lead anyone to believe that someone deserves to be sexually assaulted. Victim-blaming is very common when someone is sexually assaulted and that is wrong. It’s time that we stop blaming the victim and start holding the perpetrators responsible for their own actions. I will be the voice for every sexual assault victim and shout, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!”