The Girl Who Cried Rape

We are all familiar with the story of the boy who cried wolf. So I want to talk about the elephant in the room, there are people who think when a person says that they are raped, they are lying because honestly there are some people that do lie about rape. I know that some people after having sexual intercourse feel guilty maybe because of religious beliefs or maybe the sexual encounter was an act of infidelity. Rape is not something you say if you feel guilty after sex, rape is when someone forces you to have sex without consent. Rape is when someone throws you on the ground, rips off your clothes and penetrates and you have either said no or you have shown non-verbal cues such as not participating or squirming trying to get away. Rape is not something to use as a scapegoat to receive pity. When people use rape as a medium for their own benefit, it takes away from those that are truly victims and need help. It makes them go inwardly and not want to say anything and suffer for years and sometimes decades alone, afraid to speak up and tell their story because of the flack that they will get for saying they were raped.  The percentage of false reporting is actually exponentially low, but it happens and we no longer need those individuals using rape as their excuse. Allow the true victims to have a voice and be honest about what truly happens to you.  This is not written in hate or anger, I am only trying to ensure that those that lie about rape face the demons that are truly haunting them and bringing truth towards the topic of rape. I pray that those that are victims of rape gather enough courage to get help so that they one day can become a survivor and not have to be concerned with the stigma of thinking that no one will believe them. I’ve felt that way and it is a way to silence a victim and keep things buried only to fester and brew negativity within. The elephant in the room had to be aired out and the smoke cleared. There are truly victims that are out there that need our help to transform from a victim to survivor.


One thought on “The Girl Who Cried Rape

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing and putting light on this topic. I never want to question someone when they say they were raped, and this makes a great point S it takes away from those that are try victims. Great Insight!

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