April is Almost Over, But the Journey Continues

The attention that people put on the month of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month is good, but we all need to keep in mind that this is an ongoing battle for those who have experienced sexual assault.  I watched a marathon on Law and Order SVU that completely dedicated a Sunday night with episodes that specifically had cases  that had sexual assault.  With Sexual Assault Awareness Month coming to an end I think about the journey that victims/survivors have to go through never ends. It is good for there to be a month that people are educated on sexual assaults and its affect on society.  My prayer is that all victims are able to reach the status of becoming a survivor and can receive their healing and restoration. The way that I was able to reach this status was to trust in God and focus on Him.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

So it’s finally April and it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is a time that attention is drawn to sexual assault and people are educated and people also have a way to possibly get help if they are a victim of sexual assault.  Sexual Assault is a silent epidemic. It has touched so many people’s lives and so many people keep it a secret. I hope that one day all sexual assault victims will have a voice.